Antiquum - Pinot Noir Passiflora 2018

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This pinot confounds many pinotphiles.  Inky almost syrah-like color leads one to assume Passiflora will be an overly lush alcohol bomb.  However, the nose unleashes an aromatic dervish of tropical passionfruit, peach, apricot, floral, and countering deep lush ripe bramble fruit and blueberry. On the palette, this wine continues its assault on your conceptions of what pinot noir is and isn't. Opulent blue fruit tones swirl among singing hi-toned acidity.   This wine is both beamingly bright and darkly powerful in the same moment without feeling disjointed.  The tension is absolutely electric.  This wine will cellar for many years to come. The sweet spot probably begins in 2018, but of course it is all gone by then!