Bertani - Soave Vintage Edt 2019

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Soave wines were one of the first Italian wines to be recognized as "typical and valuable", as early as 1931. 
Soave wines were represented by the Soave Bertani selection, and today, the Bertani Soave vintage reflects its traditional wine style.  This style is primarily expressed by the appreciation of the Garganega grape's organoleptic characteristics.
Following the same vinification technique used for red wines, the Bertani winemakers extract substance from the grape's skins, making for a highly-aromatic, rich wine and highlighting the Garganega's natural luxurious nature.  
Intense hints of white flowers and gooseberry suggest new sensations, while confirming its articulate, surprising and unique bouquet.  You might taste notes of peach and apricot, which suggest this wine's complex, surprisingly captivating personality.