Burton Bittman - Pinot Noir Tukwilla Vineyard 2015

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What do we mean by vintage? Do we mean a great thrift store find? No. We mean extra cellar time!
Pinot noir has a great capacity to age gracefully. Every now and again we find ourselves with a few extra cases that deserve some extra time and love. These wines are fun to enjoy next to our current releases as a comparison or standing on their own in celebration.

Description: Rich, earthy, dry red wine with notes of fine dried flowers and caramelized fruit
Vineyard: Tukwilla Vineyard
Cases Produced:
Alcohol: 12.5%

Food & Wine Pairing Idea: A weekend potluck. These wines should be consumed with others – family, friends, chosen family – and ideally with a little extra time around the table.

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