Chiavaroli - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Its color is intense green; it has complex and harmonious aromas, which respect those of the past: fruity notes, delicate intensity of almond, hints of artichoke and tomato with notes of white and yellow flowers. Perfumes that only at the beginning of May the slight breeze that comes from the sea on the grass, still wet from the morning dew, makes us perceive in our fields. The complex olfactory elegance is accompanied by the light notes of bitter and spicy which contribute to giving balance and refinement. Its maximum exaltation is obtained on bruschetta, salads, legume soups and fish dishes, but it is still left to love on all traditional dishes.

The love, art and passion, which have accompanied the history of the Chiavaroli family for almost two centuries, began in 1860 thanks to the great-great-grandfather Giovanni. Our company is located in the municipality of Pianella, on the gentle hills between the Adriatic coast and the Majella National Park at an altitude of between 200 and 300 m. s.l.m .; the particular geography makes this territory the most suitable for olive growing in Abruzzo.
For generations we have continued to love the teaching of our great-great-grandfather, listening to nature and all its peculiarities, and Green Gold has been the guiding thread that all generations have promoted and shared for the sustenance of the family. Currently the 13 ha farm is run by his nephew Giovanni who continues to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil with attention, passion and dedication, cultivating the centuries-old plants of the Dritta cultivar,


an inseparable union with the clay soils of our territory, which over the years new plants have been joined with the cultivars of Leccio del Corno, Frantoio and Itrana. Today the use of the most innovative techniques aimed at sustainable agriculture with integrated means of struggle allow us to respect the art and the same passion of agriculture of the past.
The hand-picked olives are immediately squeezed with the most innovative Cold Extraction technique to obtain our Green Gold which, subsequently, rests for about 20 days in stainless steel containers, to promote natural decanting, and immediately afterwards is packaged in bottles 0.500 ml and 3 liter cans.
All the careful processes allows us to obtain and preserve the rich and natural characteristics of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is appreciated and praised by the best Chefs on all tables in the world.