Huett - The Gold Lot 2015 for Alex21

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This is it. Ryan Huett's favorite of all the pinots he's made so far! Period. It's not for sale anywhere. Actually it's currently for sale on their website, but the price is listed as 1 ETH per bottle , which is worth about $1,250.

Ryan is a good dude and decided to help with my mission to raise money for real, on-the-ground help in Ukraine. Thanks in no small part to our amazing customers, we have already raised over $5,000 in cash for my friends at TaxiserviceForPeace, a group that is evacuating people to and from Ukraine.

This wine is going to support a spin-off of that group, started by my friend Richard von Groeling, called Alex21. They do the dirty work; the dangerous work. They get much needed supplies right into the war zones, wearing flak vests, ballistic helmets etc. They're bringing water treatment systems, food, medicines and ballistic armor. (No weapons.) These folks all quit their jobs and risk their lives every day to help in this terrible injustice. They are much, much more nimble and effective than the big aid organizations. Alex 21 is in a conflict zone, before the big guys even schedule their first series of meetings to talk about it.

This is the only way to get this wine. You know it's good. The price is amazing. The cause is great. We are donating everything we get from it, minus the credit card fees and tax liability (can't tax deduct a foreign guerilla squad, sadly). There are no discounts on this wine, case, VIP, or otherwise.  Ryan of course doesn't have much of it, so we only have a few cases, and would ask that you voluntarily limit yourself to 6 bottles each please.