Medici - Pinot Noir Estate Reserve Blocks I & II 2012

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Medici is about as cult as Pinot gets in Oregon, but not many people know about it. That's because it's not easy at all to get a hold of some. It is as OG as it gets. having been planted in 1965, the same year that David Lett planted Eyrie.  That's year 0 for Willamette Valley pinot.  Only Richard Somer at Hillcrest in Roseburg had planted Pinot in Oregon before.

If you go way back buying wine from me, you may remember that back when I ran Sundance, I had these wines for a couple of years in the 2000s. Hal Medici is mostly a wine grower, and most of the grapes end up in famous wineries' offerings, such as Ponzi, Patty Green, Erath, etc.  He's always been quirky about his own label, often not selling any wine for years, because he didn't feel like it.  So my buddy Cal Erath (Dick Erath's son) approached him about selling some when he was running out of space, and Cal then sold it to me.

These wines are old school. They are more light-footed and elegant than today's tourist-focused wines. Eyrie also still makes wines like Medici's - that's why they are my favorite winery in Oregon.  These wines can age for a very long time.

Here is your chance to own some of these rare beauties, and from one of the greatest vintages in the past decades: 2012!  If you like mature, elegant Pinot Noir, this stuff can't be beat and the price is ridiculous. I think they were selling them for $39.99.

Here is a neat interview with Hal from the Oregon Wine History Archive:

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