San Felice - Belcaro Vin Santo 2013 375ml

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Tasting Notes: This "holy wine" is amber-hued and traditionally made from partly dried grapes, concentrating the sugars. While often found as a dessert wine on most menus, Vin Santo works just as well for aperitivo (try pairing it with aged cheeses for a delicious salty-sweet pairing). For a typical Tuscan dessert, Vin Santo goes extra well with the local cantucci – crunchy almond-studded biscotti that are perfect for dunking in a small glass of this viscous vino.

Estate History: San Felice spans three stunning areas of Toscana: Chianti Classico, Montalcino and Bolgheri. With an estate in each territory, the taste of Toscana's terroir is on full display in their wines. In the 1980s, they dug deep into indigenous grape varieties of the region and created the Vitiarium, an experimental vineyard where they grow over 270 varieties of native grapes in an effort to protect Toscana's biodiversity. After years of study, they have been able to collect and classify the grapes that make up Tuscan viticulture heritage, and even blend them with the more well-known Sangiovese for complex and unique wines.