Torii Mor - Syrah Port 2011 375ml

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Grown in the warmer Southern Oregon Rogue Valley at Griffin Creek
Vineyard, Syrah grapes had ample heat and sunlight to ripen and develop
rich and intense flavors.
Harvested October 23rd, grapes are destemmed and put into fermentation the following day. The fermentation is stopped after six days at
approximately 15 brix by adding 150 proof brandy produced from Torii
Mor’s own Pinot Noir.
The wine sits on the skins for 12 more days with many daily punchdowns
to extract extra flavor. Wine is pressed and put into neutral French oak
barrels for minimum of six years. Wine is never topped to allow for slow
oxidation and maturation of the wine. No sulfur is ever added to the
pH: 3.81
Total Acidity: .615 g/100ml
Alcohol: 18%
Residual sugar: 13%
Tasting Notes
The Syrah Port has a very dark color, the aroma is layered with sweet,
rich black currant, intense blackberries and ripe plums. The flavors echo
the aroma with sweetness, rich blackberries, ripe plums, sweet blueberries and a touch of tawny (nuts) followed by heat and sweetness from the
alcohol. Tannins and alcohol tie all the flavors together