Bordiga - Vermut di Torino Extra Dry

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Requirements for authentic Vermouth di Torino:
1. the producer must be ‘historic,’ which is to say must have been operating for at least 50 years (Bordiga has been in continuous operation since 1888)
2. the recipe or the brand must be historic (again, Bordiga Vermouth was first produced at the end of the 19th century)
3. must be produced in an artisanal manner
4. must be produced in Piedmont
5. must be based on wine, and have an alcohol content of at least 16°, and must use the botanical flavorings typical of the area.

Bordiga is different from many of the Vermouth labels sold now because they produce the vermouth themselves, they don’t buy it from a producer, and they’ve been producing quality Vermouth for over a hundred years. The winery says ‘Bordiga is a producer, not a label,’ and ‘Tradition is our present, and our future.’