Del Rio - Estate Chardonnay 2021

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Tasting notes

The flavors of the chardonnay highlight notes of caramel, roasted almond, and fruits such as melon and apricot. On the palate the wine is generous and well balanced, with a light lingering of creamy dough and oak nuances. A splash of acidity creates a persistent finish that persuades you back for another sip.


Our Chardonnay is aged for 8 months with 85% in oak barrels (3% was in new French oak ) and 15% in stainless steel. 10% of the blend underwent malolactic fermentation. This composition of three different winemaking protocols provides the foundation for an excellent wine. First, stainless steel fermentation captures the pure varietal fruit taste. Second, the barrel fermentation in French oak provides a creamy richness, and third the malolactic fermentation finishes the wine with a light buttery flavor and texture.


South facing, our Southern Oregon vineyard estate is located at the northern end of the Rogue Valley. With elevations ranging from 700 to 1800 feet, the primarily ancient volcanic and alluvial fan soils provide well drained, nutrient rich soils which are ideal for growing premium wine grapes.

Food pairing

Enjoy the seasonal versatility of this refreshing and yet rich wine by pairing it with a spring harvest pasta primavera, a bright and luscious late summer caprese salad with pistachios toasted in coconut oil, pork and pumpkin enchiladas with goat cheese and verde sauce in the fall, or curl up with a steaming bowl of tangy mushroom stroganoff and a crispy roasted chicken for a wintertime treat.