Bifora - Chianti 2019

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Bifora Chianti is produced by the Castellani family who has been producing wines in Italy since 1903. The family’s business has grown over the decades, but their extensive history and experience producing quality wines continues to emphasize sustainable practices. The estate soils are fertilized naturally using Sovescio (green manuring). Vines are re-planted using Massal Selection from exceptional old vines (instead of nursery clones). Vineyards are diversified with multiple varieties and other crops – no monoculture. Even wild hares are bred in and live around the vines. In the cellar, with the exception of sulfites, no chemicals, additives, GMOs, grain, soy or dairy are used. The wine is vegan friendly and gluten free.

The fiasco (straw wrapped bottle) is a nod to Chianti’s traditional packaging dating back to the late 14th century. The straw base provided cushioning during transport and added stability to the bottom of the handmade bottles.