Campuget - 1753 Vermentino Syrah Rosé 2021

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DESCRIPTION: The terroir is characterized by an accumulation of pebbles by the floods of the Rhone. It allows the vines to establish deep roots to draw it all the elements they need to grow, while enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine strong, vital to the proper ripening of the grapes.

Winemaking: This wine is made the traditional way. Made from pressed and rapid bleeding to preserve freshness and aromatic purity.

GRAPE VARIETY: Syrah 90% Vermentino 10%

FOOD PAIRINGS: Served at 52°F, it is perfect for summertime meals around the pool, with fresh salads or ribs at a barbecue on the beach. It is particularly recommended with grilled red peppers pickled with the olive oil from Campuget.

TASTING NOTES: A very sexy pale rose. The nose is full of grapefruit and exotic fruits. A delicate freshness offers a vibrant and delicate mouth with hints of red fruits.