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Dr. Lo is a superior-quality, non-alcoholic wine from Loosen Bros. that captures the vibrant character of Riesling from Germany’s Mosel valley. With no added sugar or fruit juice, and its striking blue label, Dr. Lo shines on the palate and stands out on the shelf. It is a delicious, guilt-free wine that pairs perfectly with any occasion and any meal. It’s also free from any unnecessary ingredients like GMOs, as well as from allergens such as gluten and nuts.

Dr. Lo Riesling has just the right amount of fruitiness to balance the crisp acidity. On the palate it is clearly Riesling, but it walks the line between a fruity and a drier style. The characteristic acidity of Mosel Riesling delivers a fresh and clean finish. If shown blind, it may not be recognized as alcohol-free!