Elk Cove - Pinot Noir La Sirene 2021

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So what the heck is this? How do we have this Pinot Noir for under $17 when their entry level Willamette Valley Pinot is $32?? Well, this is one of those 'secret' wines. You won't find it on Elk Cove's site or in their tasting room. It's a wine that is made to allow small local restaurants and some specialty shops to have an Oregon Pinot that is high quality and still affordable, especially by the glass, which is very hard for Oregon Pinot. This wine is only available in Oregon, because they obviously don't make any money on it. It's their way to pay back the small businesses and customers that helped Elk Cove become famous.

La Sirene is a Pinot Noir produced from outstanding vineyards throughout the Northern Willamette Valley. It is carefully crafted to highlight bright red cherry fruit and spicy complexity. The passion behind La Sirene is to create a wine that is delicious for everyday drinking and is an exeptional calue. Enjoy!