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This Vin Santo is made from the garpe varieties Malvasia and Trebbiano of Podere Casale. The grapes are harvested and left to dry on racks for about three months after the harvest. The must then collected is put in barrels of various types of wood such as cherry and oak and left to rest for at least 48 months. Before bottling, the best barrels are selected to be bottled. Vin Santo has held the Chianti DOC since 1998.

Denomination: Vin Santo del Chianti DOC - Podere Casale I°

Origin: Vineyards of San Gimignano

Grape variety: Trebbiano 60%, Malvasia 40%

Vinification: grapes are hand-selected in the vineyard and dried naturally on racks. Fermented in various-sized barrels of oak and other precious wood, in rooms with different temperatures for four or more years. The wine thus obtained is then bottled and then the ageing starts.

Alcohol content: 14.5% minimum

Ageing: wine suitable for long aging 10-15 years and more

Description: Intense golden yellow colour with amber hues. Full and intense aroma with lively notes of dried fruit, vanilla and honey. Dry, warm, harmonious taste, with excellent persistence.

Serving temperature: from 10 to 18° C.

Serving suggestions: served cold it is an excellent aperitif; at room temperature with dry almond biscuits, preferably from Prato.

Recommended glass: small, dessert wine glasses. Also excellent in brandy glasses, as a relaxing drink