Fee Brothers - Grapefruit Bitters 5oz

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Offer customers outstanding handcrafted beverages they will love by integrating Fee Brothers 5 fl. oz. grapefruit bitters into your cocktail and mocktail recipes! Serve up drinks that stand out amongst your competitors and wow customers with all-new, unique flavor combinations that elevate your classic offerings. Made with high-quality cranberries, these bitters are bursting with that bright, refreshing, fruity flavor. Without any added artificial flavors, chemicals, or dyes, this product is made in small batches using only the finest, freshest ingredients to deliver a flavor-packed product your guests will keep coming back for! Even displaying these bottles on your shelves is a treat; for a unique, eye-catching look, each bottle's exterior features the iconic, hand-wrapped paper packaging this brand is known for. Crafted with close attention to detail, stock up on Fee Brothers bitters to deliver 100% pure, all-natural beverages in your high-traffic bar, lounge, club, hotel, or restaurant.

Bitters were originally used as the sole ingredient that set cocktails apart from other alcoholic beverages. Prior to this inclusion, cocktails were traditionally comprised of solely sour and sweet flavors, but by adding bitter to the mix, it became easier to create drinks with heightened depth. Used to balance and round out the taste of alcohol, these bitters help to add a unique, complex flavor to your recipes for a fun, more interesting drink. Pairing perfectly with vodka, tequila, or gin, this product has a plethora of application options! Try these bitters out in an Old Fashioned to offer your customers a tangy twist on the classic drink. Combine them with gin, white wine aperitif, and blanc vermouth to create refreshing negronis your customers will crave! You could even use these bitters in baked goods such as cakes, cupcakes, or frostings to add new flavors to otherwise simple menu offerings. Plus, this product is equipped with a convenient dasher top for ease of use when making your signature beverages.

Starting out in 1864, Fee Brothers went through extreme hardship and even the Prohibition, but they refused to be stopped! With specialized customer service and dedicated employees, this brand became known for their commitment and adaptability throughout the times. From selling alcohol flavorings and providing at-home, wine-making services in the 1920s to being a brand recognized world-wide for their unique bitters, botanical waters, and brines, this family-owned company prides themselves on having everything you need to run a successful bar! With product offerings great for both novice bartenders and experienced mixologists, Fee Brothers has grown to cater to their customers' needs for five generations now - and counting! Carefully developed using old-world processes, Fee Brothers products are guaranteed to have the most complex taste and smell to enhance your beverages and provide a positive customer experience every time!