Huett - Syrah "Noble Rock Vineyard" 2019

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We're almost speechless about this deal. All of our Huett wines are superstars, but now Ryan Huett has really done it! This Syrah is from 'The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater' on the Oregon side of the Walla Walla Valley. This is the single most prestigious AVA in Walla-Walla, as far as I'm concerned. This is where Cayuse and the Bionic Frog are grown. 

These wines fetch astronomical prices, the waiting list to get any is decades long. But here it is at Bo's! And not only is it from the Rocks, it is all single vineyard from the Noble Rock Vineyard. I sometimes fear that some of the "fancy" winemakers are going to get together and hire a hitman to take Ryan out. His mission seems to be exposing a myth that people have bought, hook, line and sinker: That there is some great intrinsic value the these cult wines. They may be good, but guess what, they don't really cost more to make than most bottles you see sell for $20. Anyone who tells you that is lying. I'm going to be very generous and guess that it costs them about $20 to make a bottle of Chateau Petrus. It sells for $8,000.-

Anyway, back to The Rocks. It is named so because of the very large, round rocks that are everywhere in the vineyards around there. This is very similar to what Chateauneuf-du-Pape looks like. One thing these rocks do is the reflect heat up from the midday sun, and they remain warm for some time after the sun sets. Rhone varieties like Syrah and Grenache LOVE that, and that's why the greatest of thoes wines come from CdP. The rocks is quickly becoming a real contender as one of the greatest places on earth to grow these grapes, and without any doubt, the greatest place in the US.

This Syrah is big, dark and lush. But that's not all. It has that wonderful earthyness and little bit of that brambly character that makes Syrah so unique. It has a long finish and very oppulent mouthfeel. It's a baby, being 2019 vintage, and will develop for many years to come, but it is already drinking fabulously. I'm sure it will get a monster score from the press, soon.