Monte Tondo - Corvina 2022

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On the outskirts of Soave, just at the base of the hills that made the name famous, Monte Tondo produces a wide range of red, white, and sparkling wine from all over the Veneto. Of all the wines they make, this charming and inexpensive Corvina might be the most impressive, a feat of winemaking to pack so much flavor into such a simple, unassuming package. Winemaker Gino Magnabosco looks for freshness in this wine, picking early, keeping the grapes on the cooler side for fermentation, and doing everything in stainless steel tanks, which “preserves the freshness and lively spiciness of the grape”. While this is an easy choice every vintage, there are some vintages like this one where it stands out just a little further from the crowd. As always, the nose features bright cherry, apricot, and basil with a touch of chalky soil. The palate is juicy, clean and crisp with flavors of the sort of fresh raspberries and cherries that stain your hands. The finish features all these with a lilt of citrus peel. A perfect late summer aperitif with charcuterie.