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Rumored to have been a favorite beauty product of Cleopatra, rose water has been prized across North Africa, India, and the Middle East for centuries for its alluring fragrance and floral flavor. This Nielsen-Massey rose water makes it easy to add this ancient ingredient to your pantry! This fragrant water is made by macerating and boiling the delicate blossoms of fragrant roses and distilling their floral steam into an especially aromatic liquid. This rose water's delicate sweet and floral notes are a perfect addition to Middle Eastern, Indian, and Greek cuisine, as well as to a number of sweet treats, savory sauces, and refreshing beverages. It pairs well with vanilla, chocolate, sweet fruits, and mild cheeses. This potent ingredient can easily overpower other flavors in your favorite dishes, so be sure to use it sparingly; less is more when it comes to rose water!

Rose water is a common addition to desserts and confectionary creations from many culinary traditions all over the world. In India, it's an ingredient in sweet candies and is also used to flavor treats like yogurt-based lassi and rice pudding. Rose water is also a popular flavoring for many classic Middle Eastern desserts, such as baklava, nougat, and Turkish delight. Traditional European confectionaries also make use of this refined flavor; marzipan, French madeleines, and other refined treats have been made with rose water for centuries! Rose water makes a great addition to time-honored recipes and new creations alike. Try adding rose water to the batters of cookies, pies, and cakes to add subtle floral flavor and lightly earthy tones to your baked goods! You can also use it to flavor decadent cheesecakes, meringues, macarons, and other indulgent desserts to add luxury flavor that your customers are sure to remember! It's also great for mixing into icings, frostings, and glazes to add the perfect finishing touch to your baked creations.

Though it's commonly associated with dessert, rose water is a versatile ingredient with a number of other applications in your kitchen! Rose water is commonly used as a flavoring for Iranian lamb stews, where its floral tones melt into savory, richly spiced broth. You can replicate this method by including rosewater to braise lamb shanks and beef roasts! It's also commonly included in many Middle Eastern rice pilafs, and can be substituted for orange blossom water in classic Persian jeweled rice. Try mixing it into a classic Moroccan carrot salad, where its aroma mingles pleasantly with honey and almonds to create an irresistibly fragrant side dish. Rose water also makes a great addition to many beverages! Mix a few drops into sparkling water for extra-refreshing hydration, or add a splash to milk, teas, or smoothies to bring a memorable aroma to these simple beverages. Behind the bar, rose water makes a great addition to sparkling sangrias, mojitos, and Manhattans. It pairs especially well with gin, so try adding a splash to your next gin and tonic or gimlet! With a whole host of applications, this gourmet rose water is sure to quickly become a favorite ingredient in your kitchen!

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