Sandeman - 20 YR Tawny Port

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94 points - Decanter: "Beguiling exercise in delicacy. Pale tawny colour. Light and fruity aromas. Elegant delivery of fruit weight and sugar. Savoury, dry finish."

Specially selected Portos are chosen for ageing in wooden casks, which concentrates their fruit and flavour. The color matures from deep ruby through to amber, producing a rare and delicious Tawny Porto. Maturity and fruit are harmoniously balanced, creating the perfect conclusion to a meal and the inspiration for good conversation.

A rich yet elegant combination of flavors - dried apricots, honey, nuts, spices, vanilla - creates an endlessly complex wine that unfolds smoothly and develops in the mouth. A balance of aged fruitwith an oak-aged intensity epitomizes the deluxe quality of Sandeman.

Enjoy with rich appetizers such as foie gras and cheese quiche or desserts including crème brûlée, apple tarts and dried fruit.

Once open Sandeman 20 Years Old Tawny can remain fresh for up to 4 - 8 weeks.