Scrappy's Bitters - Classic Gift Pack

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Introduce bold, handcrafted drinks that stand out from the crowd by using these Scrappy's Bitters classic assorted bitters set! The perfect way to experiment with unique, flavorful bitters, this set includes 0.5 fl. oz. bottles of lavender, cardamom, black lemon, and Orleans bitters. Featuring only fresh herbs, spices, and hand-zested citrus that have been macerated in small batches, this premium product is created without artificial flavors, chemicals, or dye, for a pure, unadulterated taste. These fine bitters also have a great shelf presence with their appealing, sophisticated glass bottle, which is fitted with a dasher top for the perfect portion control.

Traditionally, cocktails are comprised of mainly sweet and sour flavors. By incorporating bitter, another primary taste, into the mix, the cocktail is given a more complete flavor profile that helps provide a satisfying sipping experience for your customers. With around 50% alcohol by volume and a concentrated aroma, you only need a couple drops of these full-bodied bitters in cocktails and mocktails to kick the recipe up a notch. With multiple flavor options, these bitters are well-suited for pairing with a variety of liquors like whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka. Try creating a spiked lemonade with bright, floral lavender bitters or a traditional Sazerac with floral, anise notes from the Orleans bitters. Create an Old Fashioned with an exciting twist by adding rich, nutty cardamom bitters or deep, earthy black lemon bitters. You can even add them to specialty marinades and dressings, into sweet treats like pies, cakes, and ice cream, or mix them with honey or maple syrup for a uniquely flavored condiment that will perfectly accent your signature dishes. No matter how you use them, these high-quality bitters create the finest menu items in your high-end bar, restaurant, or lounge!

Founded in 2008 by a Seattle, Washington based bartender named Mike Thomas, Scrappy's Bitters is a small, dedicated company that concocts handcrafted bitters that allow you to taste, smell, and savor excellent cocktails. By the time Scrappy's was started, Mike had already spent years perfecting his bitters through immersive research about aromatic herbs and various flavor extraction methods, as he learned each method yielded a different taste. Carefully developed, each component and flavor in Scrappy's Bitters has been thoroughly considered to ensure a final product with rich, heady aromatics and intense flavor. Add Scrappy's Bitters to your establishment so you can enhance your beverages with the finest bitters in the world!