Silver Gate - Chardonnay 2017

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Silver Gate is the second label of Concannon.

We're not going to try to tell you that this is great or even a good wine - it isn't. What this is, is in-law wine, cooking wine, no pearls-before-swine wine, office party wine etc.  It's drinkable. OK. Not terrible. A little too sweet for our taste. It's a little oaky, but we strongly doubt that it ever came in contact with an actual forest product. It's the kind of wine that people who are not really into wine love. The kind of stuff you get served at the neighborhood bar that only sells two bottles a day. You get the picture. It is pretty decent for cooking. Above anything, it's cheap. Bo always has a few bottles of wine like that around at home, for the occasional guest who would hate his Burgundy but would love this.