Sirene - Americano Bianco

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The Liquore delle Sirene products are a group of naturally made, traditional, Italian spirits. Elisa Carta is the force behind the brand, and her delicate yet precise liqueurs, bitters and aperitif wines reflect her as much as they do any prevailing category definitions. They combine the reworking of old family recipes with local botanicals and those traditionally sourced from Asia. Elisa grew up foraging and growing herbs with her grandmother, an amateur botanist, and the recipes are close to her heart.

The name Sirene is a tribute to one of the most beautiful bays in nearby Lake Garda (also a botanical source), Baia delle Sirene (Bay of the Sirens), and its story. No chemicals or artificial coloring are ever used in Elisa’s products and most are vegan.

The word ‘americano’ comes from the French ‘amer’ which means bitter and as with all aperitvi, is meant to whet the palate. The Americano Bianco is made from a base wine of Trebbiano di Lugana (genetically identical to Verdicchio) and shows the variety’s distinctive freshness on the palate. Balanced between citrus, white flowers and the bitterness of the gentian, the finish also shows musk melon and woodsy spice.Local herbs cultivated organically on Monte Baldo at 800m. Bitter and sweet orange from Southern Italy. Nutmeg, chiretta and lemongrass from Asia.

Try this in a white negroni, corpse reviver #2, on ice with orange