Sprizzeri - Orange with Bitters 4-pack

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Freaking Delicious Italian Spritzers! Think of it as adult soda pop. There have been many of these types of beverages coming out lately. And most are pretty terrible. This is the ORIGINAL. Paolo di Martin has been making these Sprizzeri since 1934!! They are not like some of the dry wine spritzers we've had before. These have some sweetness and are super refreshing. The base for these is not High Fructose Corn syrup (like White Claw - YUCK), but good old Italian wine.

The Orange with Bitters tastes exactly like what the name says. So delicious! This one is Bo's personal favorite. You feel like you you're sitting in a Piazza somewhere in Italy with Vespas going by.

The distributor had a hard time getting rid of them, because people don't know what a Spritzer is around here. They ended up almost giving them away to us, and we are passing it on to you, because these are rough times. If this won't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will!