Tedorigawa - Yamaha Junmai

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This brewery has become famous for appearing in the movie called “The Birth of Sake,” but it was already famous for making some of the best sake in Ishikawa prefecture. The nose on this stalwart sake is made up of honey tea, sweet rice, maple syrup, and nutty aromas. Typically Yamahai style sake is big and bold with lots of acidity and tons of flavors. This brew is no exception, except for the high acidity! It drinks rich and bold with lots of action that wakes the palate with a bright and cutting sharpness that is addictive with each sip. There are hints of honey, cashews, yogurt, and a vein of citrus that drinks dry and fun. If you want to explore the Yamahai category then it’s very important to taste this sake that is as good room temperature and warmed as it is chilled. This is a food pairing masterpiece.